Dr Divina Brillante is a General Cardiologist based in New South Wales. Her special interests are in the treatment of heart failure and cardiac metabolic syndromes.

A graduate of the University of New South Wales, Divina initially completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours followed by PhD studies. She went on to complete specialty cardiology training at the Wollongong Hospital and was awarded her Fellowship of the Royal Australasian C Read More...

Procedures & Conditions

Procedures Performed
  • Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Stress Testing
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Echocardiography
  • Stress Echocardiography
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Electrocardiography
Conditions Treated
  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Congenital Heart Defects
  • Heart Failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Valvular Heart Diseases
  • Cardiometabolic Syndromes


  • Consultant Cardiologist; Staff Specialist
    Shellharbour Public Hospital Present
  • Consultant Cardiologist
    Illawarra Heart Centre (Shellharbour and Wollongong) 2011 - Present
  • Conjoint Senior Lecturer
    The University of Wollongong Present

Research & Publications


1. Brillante, D. & O’Sullivan, Anthony & Brillante, R. & Howes, Laurence. (2010). Effects of Cardiovascular AT1 Receptor and AT2 Receptor Blockade on Angiotensin II Responses in Patients with Insulin Resistance Syndrome. Heart Lung and Circulation – HEART LUNG CIRC. 19. 10.1016/j.hlc.2010.06.693.

2. Brillante, D & O’Sullivan, Anthony & Johnstone, M & Howes, Laurence. (2009). Predictors of inotropic and chronotropic effects of N G- monomethyl-L-arginine. European journal of clinical investigation. 39. 273-9. 10.1111/j.1365-2362.2009.02097.x.

3. Brillante, Divina & O’Sullivan, Anthony & Howes, Laurence. (2009). Arterial stiffness in insulin resistance: The role of nitric oxide and angiotensin II receptors. Vascular health and risk management. 5. 73-8.

4. Howes, Laurence & Brillante, Divina. (2008). Expert opinion on Tilarginine in the treatment of shock. Expert opinion on investigational drugs. 17. 1573-80. 10.1517/13543784.17.10.1573.

5. Brillante, D & O’Sullivan, Anthony & Johnstone, M & Howes, Laurence. (2008). Evidence for functional expression of vascular angiotensin II type 2 receptors in patients with insulin resistance. Diabetes, obesity & metabolism. 10. 143-50. 10.1111/j.1463-1326.2006.00678.x.

6. Brillante, Divina & O’Sullivan, Anthony & Howes, Laurence. (2008). Arterial stiffness indices in healthy volunteers using non‐invasive digital photoplethysmography. Blood pressure. 17. 116-23. 10.1080/08037050802059225.

7. Brillante, Divina & O’Sullivan, Anthony & Johnstone, Martina & Howes, Laurence. (2008). Arterial stiffness and haemodynamic response to vasoactive medication in subjects with insulin-resistance syndrome. Clinical science (London, England : 1979). 114. 139-47. 10.1042/CS20070132.

8. Brillante, Divina & Johnstone, Martina & Howes, Laurence. (2005). Effects of Intravenous PD 123319 on Haemodynamic and Arterial Stiffness Indices in Healthy Volunteers. Journal of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system : JRAAS. 6. 102-6. 10.3317/jraas.2005.007.

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