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How do patients trade off the benefits and risks of two different types of procedures used to treat heart valve disease (HVD)?

A recent study on 350 Australian and Japanese patients with HVD has revealed a patient preference in both countries for a minimally invasive procedure, with valve durability and recovery of independence as the key decision drivers.

This research provides clinicians with a clearer picture of what aspects of heart valve procedures is valued most by patients, which helps to guide future patient journeys. 

In the study, patients were asked to consider the relative importance of the following attributes when determining their preferred treatment type:

  • Risk of mortality
  • Risk of stroke
  • Valve durability
  • Needing dialysis
  • Independence one month after surgery
  • Needing a new pacemaker
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

What were the findings?

Both Australian and Japanese patients in the study preferred heart valve proceudres with the longest valve durabiliy.

1 in 4 patients who had an invasive option prioritised valve durability as the most important.

Patients preferred a minimally invasive procedure, irrespective of prior treatment.

For Australian and Japanese patients, improving the likelihood of regaining independence 1 month after the procedure was a key consideration.

Preference for a TAVI treatment profile was so strong, that it reversed the influence of prior treatment experience, in all patient groups except for Australia where SAVR patients favoured SAVR.

When attributes reflect best available clinical evidence for TAVI vs SAVR, it's predicted that the majority of people in the study will choose the minimally invasive procedure.

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