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Are you a general practitioner with an interest in cardiology? Can you help assess patients for signs of heart disease? Then, join the Hope For Hearts program today.

What is Hope For Hearts?

Hope For Hearts is a collaborative program to encourage at-risk community members to get their heart checked with you, their doctor.

We make it easier for doctors and healthcare organisations to connect with the public through digital marketing and communications.

We raise awareness of the advances in cardiac disease management, the treatment options available, and where to find them.  

Hope for Hearts is helping the community find you when they most need your help. 

Why create your profile?

Over 6000 people visit Hope For Hearts every month looking for information and doctors in their area. 

Be part of a rapidly growing medical community that is helping to assess, manage and treat cardiac patients across Australia. 

Your Hope For Hearts profile will:

  • Increase your online presence, making it easy for patients to find you
  • Direct patients to your booking software, avoiding the unnecessary fees of third-party booking platforms 
  • Provide you free access to CPD clinical and practice-building resources  

Your participation in Hope For Hearts is free; all that we ask is that you consider placing Hope For Hearts patient education brochures in your waiting room from time to time. 

You might also consider being a guest speaker at our community education events. All languages welcome. 

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Be recognised as a Hope For Hearts participating GP that can offer services to our community. Join Hope for Hearts and attract more patients today.

Here’s how you can register for your FREE profile.

  1. Find your profile here.
  2. Click ‘claim my profile'.
  3. Follow the steps to claim your profile and add additional information to your profile.

Cannot find your profile? Email our team today and we will get you set up.

Why do we need Hope For Hearts?

Every year tens of thousands of patients across Australia live with debilitating and life-threatening cardiac conditions that often go undiagnosed or sub-optimally managed. This should not be happening under our world-class healthcare system. We need to help patients take more control and responsibility for their cardiac health and assist them in finding local services that can help them achieve that. 

Hope For Hearts represents the collaborative efforts of participating general practitioners, specialists, and healthcare organisations across Australia, to reinforce the importance of early detection, diagnosis, and patient access to care. 

Connect the Docs are proud and honoured to be managing this vital program on behalf of all those involved. 

Claim your profile today!