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Bespoke Campaign Builder

The Hope For Hearts program is improving the awareness of cardiac disease management and its advances among the general practice community and the general public.

It connects general practitioners with CPD education, local specialists, and hospital services to streamline and improve patient access to specialty care.

Why get involved?

  • Hope For Hearts is Australia’s most comprehensive, independently managed therapy awareness and networking program for cardiology
  • The program uses MEDD network to establish valuable connections and communications channels for ongoing engagement.
  • The Hope For Hearts website and social media campaigns will improve your online visibility, with 8,000+ monthly visitors to the website and anywhere from 15-30K impressions per post on social media (depending on budget spend).
  • You will be contributing to much-needed community awareness campaign and referrer education.
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Utilise this campaign builder to create a bespoke program tailored to your desired goals

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Hope For Hearts speaks to patients through the website and social media campaigns, encouraging regular heart checks and connections with local specialists that can help with their specific needs.

How to get involved with the Hope For Hearts public campaign:

  • Create or claim your Hope For Hearts profile
  • Record a brief introduction to add to your profile and use on social media
  • Record a series of 30-90 second public education pieces for social media and website content
  • Appear as a guest on the Hope For Hearts podcast

For more information on Hope For Hearts, click here.

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Hope For Hearts speaks to GPs through in-person events, on-demand content and webinars using the MEDD networking platform, and partner hospital programs (Healthscope and St Vincent’s). 

Get involved and connect with referrers.

  • Create/claim your MEDD profile and join the Hope For Hearts GP group
  • Present content that’s focused on addressing the key barriers GPs experience related to your specialty area
  • Invite local GPs to connect with you on MEDD where they can easily access your educational content and contact details
  • Appear as a guest speaker on the MEDD Meet the Experts podcast

For more information on MEDD, click here.

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We cannot forget the importance of reminding your colleagues about what you do and which patients need to be referred.

This program speaks to cardiologist referrers through CardioCast, a series of webinars and on-demand content enabling cardiologists to stay up to date with other subspeciality areas of cardiology.

How to get involved:

  • Register to MEDD and create a profile
  • Join the CardioCast user group to be notified of all activities and connect with your colleagues
  • Join and participate in CardioCast, click here to learn more or nominate yourself.

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Bespoke Campaign Builder - Part 1 - ELS 4

The biggest challenge of therapy development is getting access to and connecting with referrers. This program leverages two main tools to establish referral connections.

1) MEDD.com.au – An exclusive medical networking platform that allows members to:

  • Find and be found through an advanced search directory.
  • Connect with, message and follow other members.
  • Access a comprehensive medical content library, private and public user groups.
  • Manage your referrals, on-call roster and vacation cover.
  • Host your own meetings and create content.
    Plus much more…

2) MEDD eBusiness Cards

Referrers can save your contact details, referral forms and important links. As well as, access educational content and other information straight to their smartphone contacts.

A MEDD eCard is like a mini website that you can share via the MEDD app, QR code or unique URL, enabling referrers to have your details when they need you.

Now fully integrated into the MEDD platform and profiles.
Stay connected with your MEDD electronic business card.

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