COVID-19 Cardiology Update

As of the end of April, Australia and New Zealand have successfully flattened the Coronavirus (COVID-19) curve and significantly lowered confirmed cases. However, until there is a safe and effective vaccine, the risk of another spike in cases across our nations still looms.

Therefore, it’s still very important to understand how COVID-19 can potentially damage the heart. Dr Sanjay Gupta, Cardiologist and Heart Specialist from York Cardiology in the United Kingdom, explains his understanding of how the virus affects the heart.┬áIn the below video, Dr Gupta outlines what the studies have revealed so far and how the virus could potentially cause damage to the heart.



Furthermore, Dr Gupta also discusses the role of high blood pressure in patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19, highlighting that high blood pressure has been deemed a major risk factor. Alarmingly, the 2017-18 Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 1 in 3 Australians (34%) over the age of 18 has high blood pressure (Hypertension)1. In the below video, Dr Gupta explains the association between coronavirus and high blood pressure.


It’s important for all and those that are suffering from cardiovascular disease to stay informed about the risks, follow social distancing, and practice good hygiene. The Heart Foundation’s Chief Medical Officer and Cardiologist Professor Garry Jennings outline simple steps for staying safe during the pandemic.


Written by Tylah McDonald

and edited by Shane Bassett, Clinical Content Director, Connect The Docs, RN/BN/CCRN

Image Credit: The Economic Times Health Version



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