Channel 7 Broadcast News

In March 2019, the Hope For Hearts campaign received national media coverage with the aim to bring attention to the prevalence of aortic stenosis and highlight the minimally invasive treatment option, TAVI. Ninety-year-old Daniel Snaize underwent the transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) procedure whilst he was still awake and spoke about his experience with Channel 7 during the broadcast coverage.

Associate Professor Dion Stub also spoke with Channel 7, “Unfortunately 30% of patients with Aortic Stenosis are being under-recognised and are missing out on this life-saving treatment [TAVI].”

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The coverage received significant engagement further demonstrating the importance of spreading awareness for this condition. A week after the footage was released, it had gained 46K views, 102 shares, and over 250 likes and comments.

A/Prof Dion Stub finishing his interview with the network saying, “it is truly a fantastic option for the vast majority of patients with aortic stenosis.”