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Bespoke Campaign Builder - Part 2 - Boston 1

Bespoke Campaign Builder - Part 2

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Bespoke Campaign Builder - Part 2 - Boston 2

In-person, webinar or hybrid CPD education events. 

  • Create CPD content that's focused on addressing the key barriers GPs experience related to your specialty area
  • GPs can access your presentation recording and earn CPD points, where applicable, 24/7, through MEDD.com.au
  • All presenters receive a MEDD Linkd eCard allowing GPs to connect with you as they watch your presentation
  • Options to pre-record or present live
Bespoke Campaign Builder - Part 2 - Boston 3

Spotlighting the work you do, and the conditions you treat. 

  • Key information the medical community should know about your area of medicine and disease detection
  • Address the softer side of referral barriers, for example, having difficult conversations with patients, costs, and where to go for more information.
  • Addressing the three A's; Availability, Affability and Ability.
  • Innovation in treatment and management
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Social media is an effective strategy to improve disease awareness within the community and educate patients on the treatment options available.

  • Ability to reach mass audiences through social media advertising and advanced targeting tools.
  • Build trust and establish yourself as a key opinion leader by marketing through education. 
  • Consistency is key; research has proven a message has to be heard on average seven times before action is taken. 
  • Hope For Hearts social media reach depends on allocated budget. With a modest budget posts typically reach 15-30K average post impressions but can be upwards of 100K reach with a higher budget.
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Facilitating the exchange of ideas and user experiences.

Monthly series designed exclusively for cardiologists:

  • Live and on-demand format allows you to participate at your convenience
  • Accessibility to cutting-edge information regardless of your busy schedule
  • In-depth discussions, and learn about emerging therapies, diagnostics, and local research shaping the future of cardiology
  • CardioCast will also provide access to practice-building strategies.

If you have a topic that will provide value to the cardiology community, nominate yourself as a presenter and share your thoughts — pre-recorded video presentation, podcast or live webinar; the choice is yours.

If you have ever wondered what cool things other cardiologists are getting up to, register to CardioCast, and avoid the FOMO.

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