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9 News: Cardiologists launch Hope For Hearts campaign

9 News Sydney was part of many media outlets who covered the Hope For Hearts campaign story in March 2019 with the goal to increase awareness of the prevalence of aortic stenosis and highlight the minimally invasive treatment option, TAVI.

Professor Michael Wilson, Cardiothoracic Surgeon from the Sydney Heart Team spoke with 9 News “Instead of being in the hospital for a week or more, or being unable to drive or lift anything for six weeks, you can pretty much get back to regular activities in a week.”

TAVI is a non-invasive procedure for treating Aortic Stenosis however, open heart surgery (SAVR) still has it's place and benefits for some patients who need surgical intervention to help overcome Aortic Stenosis.

View the 9 News coverage:

The coverage received significant engagement further demonstrating the importance of spreading awareness for this condition. This particular interview was seen by an audience of 307,000 at the time of being aired with more exposure days and weeks post campaign.

Interview was conducted by Davina Smith at Channel 9, Sydney, Nine Afternoon News.